CIPROG is an independent, non-partisan research, advocacy and training organization with the mission to strengthen democracy and democratic institutions in developing countries and nascent democracies.
CIPROG is actively engaged in building the capabilities of elected legislators and legislative personnel towards a better discharge of their functions of Legislation, Representation and Oversight.

CIPROG regularly conducts training / briefing workshops and sessions for Legislators. As a non-partisan research institution, CIPROG also prepares well researched briefing / background papers and case studies for Legislators and legislative staff, and politicians on crucial policy issues.


CIPROG’s Legislative Program Mission works to strengthen democracy and democratic institutions in emerging states by primarily building the capability of elected representatives and legislators and instituting non-partisan monitoring framework in order to facilitate full participation of all segments of the society in the democratic process.


CIPROG works with our partners to strengthen democracy and democratic institutions through a variety of programs, the list of which is dynamic – expanded and adjusted according to the needs. Additionally, the programs are designed as long or short term courses and delivered through one of the many forums to include:

  • In-Country Workshops and Seminars
  • E-Learning
  • Study Tours
  • Legislative Attachments
  • Advocacy Training – This training includes areas such as strategic planning advocacy, agenda setting, identification and analysis of stakeholders, constituency building, legislative/executive/court coalition building and much more including:
    • Political Research
    • Public Legislative Forum
    • Legislative Strengthening
    • Capacity Building
    • Legislative Advocacy
    • Seminar in Legislative Development
    • Political Parties Program
    • Gender & Governance
    • Women’s Political Participation